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Euro Jackpot Lottery

These are the characteristics of the lottery Eurojackpot

The lottery Eurojackpot has only existed since 2012. The member countries were initially Germany and Denmark, Estonia and Finland, as well as Italy, Slovenia and the Netherlands. Europe’s largest lottery, also known as EuroLotto, focuses on the shared experience. Participants from 17 European countries play lotto together. This is possible through the cooperation of the state lottery companies of these countries. A very high jackpot of up to 90 million euros is therefore conceivable. Poland has also been a member of the huge European lottery community since 15 September.

How is EuroLotto played and what profits are possible?

The lottery is played once a week on Fridays. They tick a total of seven numbers. In the A field, you type five numbers out of 50, in the B field you pick two numbers out of 10. The numbers in the B field are called Euro numbers. In Germany, each tip costs two euros, a small processing fee per ticket is added. The amount of the real jackpot always depends on the number of players. The special feature of the Euro Jackpot: For the highest profit class, at least 10 million euros are always guaranteed. Half of the bets will be distributed to the participants again as a prize. The chance of winning the main prize, ie winning class / rank I, is 1: 95.344.200 for the Euro Jackpot and 1:35 for the lowest win, that is, the winning class / rank XII. Every Friday at 19:00 is the deadline for the draw. It takes place in Helsinki under police supervision. The draw in Helsinki deviates in several ways from the classic lottery in Germany. For example, it is not televised. However, you can follow the draw live on YouTube. Players choose the two additional payments themselves. In the conventional Lotto 6 out of 49, the Super Number is already given by the game ticket. The Euro numbers allow more combinations of all numbers. The resulting 12 winning ranks are more interesting for many players. The following table shows the probability of winning per rank:

5 numbers correct – 2 euronumbers correctRank I1 : 95.344.200
5 numbers correct – 1 euronumber correctRank II1 : 5.959.000
5 numbers correct – 0 euronumbersRank III1 : 3.405.150
4 numbers correct – 2 euronumbers correctRank IV1 : 423.750
4 numbers correct – 1 euronumber correctRank V1 : 26.485
4 numbers correct – 0 euronumbersRank VI1 : 15.134
3 numbers correct – 2 euronumbers correctRank VII1 : 9.630
3 numbers correct – 1 euronumber correctRank VIII1 : 672
2 numbers correct – 2 euronumbers correctRank IX1 : 600
3 numbers correct – 0 euronumbersRank X1 : 344
1 number correct – 2 euronumbers correctRank XI1 : 128
2 numbers correct – 1 euronumbers correctRank XII1 : 42

The chance of winning the highest prize in the Euro Lotto is twice as high as in the traditional Lotto six out of 49. The guaranteed maximum prize also makes this lottery attractive.