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Information about the EuroJackpot Generator

The EuroJackpot Generator calculates optimized numbers based on the mathematical statistical analysis of past draws. The first EuroJackpot draw took place on Friday the 23.03.2012. Since this repeats itself weekly. At the present time (07.10.2018) there were 341 drawings of 5 numbers each and two Euro numbers. A clear database of all winning numbers can be found here: EuroJackpot winning numbers

Generate optimized tips through mathematical statistical analysis of the winning numbers

Start an analysis of past winning numbers. The results of this analysis are graphically presented to you and optimized tips for the next draw generated. The results can also be played online right now.

The dataset offers the possibility to examine it according to different aspects. The frequency of individual numbers drawn is one of them. Different periods of time can be examined for the most frequently drawn numbers in the respective period. For example, The most frequently drawn winning numbers of the last 50 draws can be determined. Furthermore, two-person combinations can also be examined for frequency. For example, the most drawn pairs of the last 100 draws can be calculated.

Another possibility for analysis is the profit quotas. If winning numbers were typed by many players, the odds are rather lower. The winners must share the winnings with more people. Therefore, it is not recommended, e.g. Playing numbers from birthday dates or similar. High quotas thus indicate that the numbers were rather typed by a few. In order to realize a higher possible profit, it is advisable rather to play less frequently typed number combinations. These can also be determined by the generator for selected periods.

The overdue EuroJackpotzahlen is another analysis criterion for the generator. It is determined which numbers have not been pulled the longest and are thus “overdue”. According to theoretical stochastics, there is a higher probability that these numbers will be drawn.

You can decide for yourself how many individual analyzes are performed with which parameters for generating tips. The results of these analyzes are shown both graphically and in tabular form for the respective calculation.

Optimized tips are generated from all individual calculations of a generator run. The results of the analyzes are used in equal parts and optimally combined as tips.